Flooring, wall coverings

Our company has been sourcing its raw materials for 40 years, mainly through foreign contacts.
These natural stones are mostly delivered to us in large slabs, from which we can further customize the desired sizes.
We can also supply cut to size tiles to order.


We recommend all types of natural stone tiles for indoor use.
Suitable are limestone, marble, granite and various quartzites. However, since these stones differ in their origin and structure, we recommend them for different uses and applications.

When it comes to floor coverings, there are several options. They can be made in prefabricated standard sizes, such as 30x30x1; 40x40x1; 60x30x1 etc., but if you want to lay down larger boards, e.g. 120x80, you should know that the thickness of the board is at least 2 cm.
In this case, we order large boards and, in consultation with the customer, we customize the material to the desired size.
In this case, the most beautiful work can be done, as the pattern of the stone is laid in its original place.

For wall coverings, we recommend stones that let the light through and create a pleasant atmosphere and scenery in the evening. While we are dazzled by the natural veins and patterns of the stones. Bathroom tiles made of limestone or marble are now more popular with customers, as their colour palette is much more varied and warm.

For outdoor use, limestone and granite are the most recommended. Within this, limestone is typical. Not only because of its price, but also because of its beige colour, which suits both modern and classic buildings. In addition, the limestone surface is highly antiquatable, so that slip resistance is also ensured in outdoor areas. Outdoors, it is recommended to lay these pavements with a minimum thickness of 3 cm. The Roman or sottis tile pattern method looks good as a floor tile.

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